Materials -  Silk, damask, solar paint, solar array, electronics, black lights, soil, plastic rods.



Exhibition –La Lune: Art Producing Energy

10th – 18th May 2014

Long Reef Headland, Collaroy


Environmental Research Initiative for the Arts, UNSW,  event in partnership with  the Warringah Council.


ARTIST’S STATEMENT - The sculpture is supported by the structure of a pop up tent. Its walls are made of 2 layers of georgette silk to form moiré patterns, with shapes of light traced from light beams shining through the trees & bushes at Long Reef cut out partially, so they hang down & move in the wind. These shapes are drawn using solar paint so they glow in the dark. The tent is weighed down with a damask doona cover filled with red soil. HQ is inspired by our desire to commune with nature expressed powerfully in Australia’s culture of recreational camping.