Ranger UO2: Fractals


Year: 2014


Medium/s. Ink, paint, pencil, tracing paper, water colour paper, photography.


Dimensions cm:   84cm W x 59.5 W


Artist Statement

In 1979 my performance, Jabiluka UO2, addressed the controversial proposal to mine uranium at a location in the Kimberley flood plain in the Northern Territory, which was thankfully scrapped in response to intense national and international campaigns initiated by the Mirarr people, the traditional owners of Jabiluka. In this artwork brush and ink drawings of Kakadu, made during the ‘Wet’ from the back of a 4WD in 2012, are extrapolated upon to contemplate the recent spill of radioactive material at Kakadu’s Ranger uranium mine where “a leach tank burst spilling about 1 million litres of highly acidic radioactive slurry” (SMH, 11/12/13), adding to the heinous outcomes of our habituated disregard for the health of natural environments, and people.  These include nuclear meltdowns at Three Mile Island (1979), Chernobyl (1986), Fukushima (2013), the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, Nagasaki (1946), the Bikini Atoll (1946 to 1958) and Maralinga (1956), where service men and Aboriginal people were exposed to high levels of radiation the cancerous effects of which have ricocheted down generations - et al.