DUKw 2015 – Upholstery (macrosuade); camouflage netting; canvas; wood; metal. Rubber. 118cm H x 108 cm W x 336.5cm D. Amphibious landing vehicles transported troops & supplies in Papua New Guinea; here it is transformed into an adult sized cradle.

Trench 2013 – Artist’s parent’s bedroom furniture turned inside out; the Ely family’s print of Albert Namitjira’s painting titled Gums, Central Australia; clods of earth; peg; pencil; bobby pins; rabbit trap. 130cm H x 414cm W x 298cm D.

Site specific installation of Interior Decoration -

a series of artworks that address the inter generational affects of PTSD at -


 Mildura Palimpsest


from 2nd October - 9th November

installed in the Rio Vista heritage house,

Mildura Arts Centre, 199 Cureton Ave, Mildura