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“Dressed as the typical CWA-suited disciple of home economics, the paragon of rationality, Ely proffered her Murray River Punch, a foul and toxic cocktail of phosphates, chemicals and animal waste, for sample tasting to unsuspecting passers-by. Her performance illustrated the extent to which Australian women had already, by the early 1980s, moved out of the kitchen and into the public realm to take on the larger issues of land degradation and environmental collapse, a theme explored by many Australian women artists including Jill Orr. While Rosler, in the mid 1970s, was still firmly entrenched in the kitchen, Ely had, by the beginning of the 1980s, made the escape to the public arena as a spokesperson, using the role of matron as a form of authority, as well as an alternative to the generally forgiving and ample figure of an essentialist mother nature, nature/mother.

“Graham’s breadline differs significantly from that of Bonita Ely’s earlier New Zealand performance, Breadline, in which the artist moulded shapes of her body in bread dough, then baked and served it as she washed off in a bath of milk, as a critique on woman as a consumable product of culture.”

“So from the semiotics of the kitchen, and the dangerous Murray River punch, through the refined repetitions of domestic rituals and back again to street-level in aesthetically organised shelters and socially active projects we see food emerge as a metaphor and a meal.”

“If we have in Bonita Ely’s Murray River Punch the first signs of environmental collapse and toxic shock - the symptom - then Norrie’s most recent object from the installation ERR 1999, an oversized jar of ‘anti-radiation’ jam, is the home-spun, and somewhat hopeful, yet probably hopeless antidote.”

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Pictorial essay composed of images of dogs in art works from public collections in Berlin, Germany, and photographs of live dogs from the environs of (West) Berlin.  The dog and its relation to human kind is used as a metaphor of the human condition.


“Lake Benanee/ Dry Lake”, 1983. Hand made artist’s book. Murray River Series.

A pictorial essay of images of dead river red gums that were “drowned” by the raised water table of the Murray River basin in the N.W. corner of N.S.W. near Euston. Lake Benenee andDry Lake are fed from the MurrayRiver system.


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Both of these books were assembled from material created during performances of the same names and as such serve as documentation of the performances as well as works in their own right.


“Hold” 1999. Images drawn in pencil on transluscent draughting paper, each overlaying the next as an exploration of the contra indications and complexities of Australian colonial and post colonialhistory. For “We Are Australian” travelling exhibition.


“Quarry”, 2000. Charcoal, photocopies, felt tip and lead pencil on draughting paper. Traces, marks, quotes and definitions, severed from their origins, create a palimpsest of detritus, misanthropic meaningsand consequence.  For Histories exhibition


Ely, B., 2002, Bluey and Curley Conduct the Children’s Choir. Bound drawings, photocopiesand text. For Border Panic exhibition